The annual BELLIN DUG meeting took place on Thursday 11 April at Enigma in Driebergen, the Netherlands. More than 20 BELLIN TMS users from the Netherlands and Belgium were present. Wim Lambrecht a longtime BELLIN tm5 user was chairman of the day. Robert Jan Wekking of Enigma Consulting welcomed everyone and explained the Enigma portfolio. Tm5 product will be greatly enhanced in the coming years. BELLIN’s Adrien Dumont explained the new BELLIN tm5 functionalities that we can look forward to in 2019.

Darling International uses the BELLIN TMS not only for Liquidity planning and cash forecasting but also for netting and payments. Darling is also the launching customer for SWIFT GPI. In a great presentation Hien shared her experiences and answered questions from other interested BELLIN users.

Ammeraal Beltech is the world leader in “conveyer belts”. In recent years she has been confronted with a number of M&A processes. Wim Lambrecht explained how he uses the BELLIN TMS as a repository in which the documents required for M&A processes are recorded. This somewhat unusual application of the TMS was of great value for quickly making the required documents and information available in the various M&A processes.

The final program part of the day was a round table session led by Enigma’s Bas Kolenburg. Applied practical issues from daily practice were discussed in the group. Colleague users could offer help and ideas based on their experiences.

After a day full of information and exchange, it was time for drinks!

It was a particularly successful day in which the objective “a day of Users for Users” was clearly met.


Robert Jan Wekking
Robert Jan Wekking
Managing Partner


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