Report on the DACT Treasury Fair and presentation of the Treasury Barometer

The 16th DACT Treasury Fair took place on 16 November. The DACT Treasury Fair is the leading Dutch event where suppliers and buyers of treasury services and products meet one another. Around 600 participants attend this event every year.
Enigma Consulting and Bellin have been regular exhibitors at the Treasury Fair for many years and as such, we seized this opportunity to meet with our clients and prospective new clients. There was also an opportunity to meet informally and to network.
A new development this year was that product demonstrations were given in addition to thematic workshops. Enigma Consulting’s product demonstration of the Bellin tm5 treasury system was very well attended. Important trends at the DACT Treasury Fair were the rapidly developing treasury technology and the changing value chain of banks.
In keeping with tradition, the Round Table where the outcomes of the annual Treasury Barometer were presented took place on the evening preceding the Treasury Fair. The Treasury Barometer was developed by Enigma Consulting and Rabobank to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in the (corporate) treasury landscape. The 2018 Treasury Barometer was based on a survey carried out in mid-2018 and presented the key outcomes of the fifth Treasury Barometer.
The 2018 edition included a few changes with the aim of improving reader experience. One change was the switch to online publication of the Treasury Barometer, because readers prefer a digital copy to a hard copy nowadays. And to improve the online reading experience, the 2018 Treasury Barometer contains many infographics to present the results in a more focused and visually appealing manner.
Furthermore, the three themes for this year’s Treasury Barometer were pre-selected to give treasurers a more relevant questionnaire:
1. Sustainability
2. Diversity and Talent Development
3. Connectivity
Notably, as soon as the Sustainability theme was selected, many treasurers apparently decided to offer “green” financing products, because this year’s list of “green” issuers continues to grow: VolkerWessels, Heerema, Fugro, Schiphol, the Dutch government, Renewi, to name but a few.
We were also keen to understand how treasurers prepare for technological innovations. The majority of treasurers said they had no ‘technology roadmap’, although technological innovations and changes in the value chain are developing rapidly. It is hard to say whether this is due to the fact that treasurers see themselves more as ‘followers’ than ‘early adaptors’, or whether the technological developments are simply too overwhelming.

The full Treasury Barometer report can be downloaded at

Robert Jan Wekking
Robert Jan Wekking
Managing Partner
Mike Adrichem
Mike Adrichem
Senior Consultant


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