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Everyone is talking about digitisation, big data and data analytics: sounds good, but what does this mean for your organisation? Enigma Consulting provides you with specific answers and solutions. A quick insight and a tangible result.

Many organisations are faced with the issue of having to make the transition from existing, largely paper-based processes to fully digitised client services. In addition to existing sales channels, clients are offered an internet and/or mobile channel. However, contractual settlement is often still partly based on existing paper forms and contracts. A great deal of (telephone) contact is still necessary in practice. It is also difficult to identify clients effectively and to give them access to stored data and the products or services they have purchased.

At the same time, organisations are confronted with new legislation in respect of privacy, which places more stringent demands on secure storage and use of data and which requires the explicit agreement of clients for use of data.

Enigma Consulting operates in the midst of these developments. We specialise in e-Identity issues, we are familiar with business processes and client needs, and how these should be set up for an optimal result for end users. We also monitor developments in the area of privacy legislation.

Thanks to our expertise, we are able to unravel the complexities and translate them into data models, processes, user journeys and technical solutions. We can advise you in the area of digital cooperation and forms, user experience, workflow management, client identification and digital signing of agreements.

We are shaping the development of eID in the Netherlands, so we can inform you of the options. We offer more than just advice, we ensure chosen solutions are implemented.

Our Digitisation Services

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Digitisation of processes >

To make progress in the digitisation of processes, it is important to analyse and organise the design of these new processes carefully. Elements such as process optimisation, technology, regulations, privacy and risk management should be included in this analysis.

Onboarding >

In recent years we have gathered a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the field of digital and mobile onboarding.

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eID – iDIN >

Enigma Consulting was closely involved in the development of iDIN and would be delighted to advise you on the options for your organisation.

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Data analytics >

Clients expect you to possess the latest insights, to be in control of your own processes, and to deliver customised service. Digitisation enables the conversion of information held by your organisation into a valuable asset.

Mobility >

We conceive and develop innovative mobility concepts. We can also carry out market research and manage pilots or tenders. Enigma believes that clients determine the success of the solution. That is why we always put the user of the mobility service first.


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