Enigma Consulting has partnered with Decisive Facts in the area of Data Analytics, together we offer you:

  • Specific advice you can implement straight away.
  • Interactive reports that are available 24/7 via desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • A working solution within two months.
  • Knowledge transfer. By an external data science team.

Bas Kerpel
Bas Kerpel
Executive Consultant

Data Analytics can be used in many places in your organisation:

Data Analytics can be used in many places in your organisation

We focus on the following in particular:

  • Connections between internal and external sources
  • Predictive analyses using econometrics models and algorithms
  • Optimisation of processes (Process Mining)

Building blocks we employ for digital transformation include:

 DF Portal

State-of-the-art, deployable immediately.

DF Portal
Project strategy

Agile with sprints.

Project approach

Experts, project management, data scientists

Think big, start small…
We look forward to devising tangible solutions with you!

Other Digitisation Services

Digitisation of processes
eID – iDIN

Our Digitisation Experts

Bas Kerpel

Executive Consultant
Marc Groot

Executive Consultant