Enigma Consulting has partnered with Decisive Facts in the area of Data Analytics, together we offer you:

  • Specific advice you can implement straight away.
  • Interactive reports that are available 24/7 via desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • A working solution within two months.
  • Knowledge transfer. By an external data science team.

Rink Slotema
Rink Slotema
Senior Consultant

Data Analytics can be used in many places in your organisation:

data analytics

We focus on the following in particular:

  • Connections between internal and external sources
  • Predictive analyses using econometrics models and algorithms
  • Optimisation of processes (Process Mining)

Building blocks we employ for digital transformation include:

 DF Portal

State-of-the-art, deployable immediately.

digitalisering - data analytics
Project strategy

Agile with sprints.


Experts, project management, data scientists

Think big, start small…
We look forward to devising tangible solutions with you!

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Our Digitisation Experts

Bas Kerpel

Executive Consultant
Marc Groot

Executive Consultant
Rink Slotema

Senior Consultant