To make progress in the digitisation of processes, it is important to analyse and organise the design of these new processes carefully. Elements such as process optimisation, technology, regulations, privacy and risk management should be included in this analysis.

Bas Kerpel
Bas Kerpel
Executive Consultant

We always give the following advice in respect of digitisation projects:

Point 1

Understand that digitisation does not stop at the front end

Digitisation requires a broad approach. Map the entire value chain and ensure the whole chain is ultimately digitised instead of just the front end of the process. A suboptimal example is when a client provides all information digitally, but the service provider still needs to enter it into other systems manually. Process optimisation techniques such as Lean / Six Sigma can be used to optimise the value chain.

Point 2

Determine the value of the document

It is important to determine the value of the document. The more important the document, the more certain you need to be of who placed the electronic signature. For example, the deed of sale for a house has a different value to a mobile phone contract. You can enforce the level of certainty that the right person has signed by choosing from three different signature formats, each with a different level of reliability.

Point 3

Privacy is key!

Conduct a privacy audit of the process. Privacy legislation is evolving continually, in part because of further digitisation and the use of big data. So when designing new processes, take current legislation into account, as well as that which is anticipated in future. In the longer term, the right set-up reduces:

  • Queries from clients
  • The costs of reorganising processes
  • The risk of fines
Point 4

Include migration in the design

Too often, the clients of a company are “inconvenienced” repeatedly by the reorganisation of business processes because the new set-up of the value chain is incompatible with old processes. A well-considered migration strategy prevents clients having to be approached again with each new step of the process.

Point 5

Evaluate success by means of a pilot

Once insight into the value chain has been obtained, we recommend evaluating the technology and processes by means of a pilot. This quickly gives an insight into the feasibility and broad applicability of the digital solution. Also evaluate the solution with clients to ascertain whether the process meets client expectations. And celebrate the success of the pilot. These positive results generate support for further roll-out.

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