Enigma Mobility supports government authorities and companies in achieving their mobility objectives.

We conceive and develop innovative mobility concepts. We can also carry out market research and manage pilots or tenders. Enigma believes that clients determine the success of the solution. That is why we always put the user of the mobility service first.

Enigma is actively involved in the development of Mobility as a Service (MaaS). In our vision, interoperability is a condition for MaaS. Research we have conducted into interoperability and MaaS for central government and local authorities highlights a need to offer integrated mobility services to commuters instead of the current compartmentalisation of the offering (train or bus or car or bicycle, etc.).

But what exactly does MaaS mean for you as a local authority, provincial administration, or company? And how can a mobility solution be compatible with the development of MaaS?

Enigma utilises a large network in the conception of mobility solutions. We work with local authorities, central government, and operators such as providers of shared cars, car parking, shared scooters, taxis, bicycle parking and public transport companies on assignments.

As well as companies that facilitate MaaS, such as Translink, SHPV and all MaaS providers. Enigma is independent and integrity is paramount to us, we are completely neutral in our consultancy services.

Our Mobility Services

mobility strategie

Strategy development >

Enigma specifically puts the customer/traveller first in all its projects and can assist in determining the strategy and relevant budgets, supporting client research, and defining client needs to underpin policy (article in Dutch).


Mobility solutions >

Enigma supports local, regional and central government authorities, semi-governmental entities and companies in conceiving and developing mobility concepts to give substance to defined mobility objectives (article in Dutch).

toets bereikbaarheid

Feasibility studies >

Enigma conducted a feasibility benchmark for local authorities, which gives an insight into the extent to which alternative transport is more attractive than driving. Contact us for more information.

mobility aanbesteding

Tenders >

Enigma Mobility has carried out and managed numerous tenders for local authorities. We are familiar with the conditions and processes that play a role. Our approach is to clarify the client process in addition to the functional requirements (article in Dutch).

Strategy for success

Whether it involves developing a mobility concept, a pilot, or actually producing a mobility solution, Enigma possesses a great deal of experience of complex projects for local authorities, semi-governmental entities, companies and financial institutions. We guarantee results and are capable of supporting both clients and suppliers to achieve objectives. We use modern methodologies such as Lean Innovation and Service Design.

New services and processes are thus designed and implemented in a client-oriented way. We define small steps that can be completed to demonstrate interim results. The purpose is to show that the solution selected is the right one and to achieve the ultimate objective step by step. This allows scope for adjustments and better control of the process.


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Managing Partner
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Executive Consultant
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Executive Consultant
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