Because our consultants follow market developments closely and we provide consultancy services to important stakeholders, we have a unique insight into developments taking place throughout the whole chain.

Every day, tens of millions of payments take place between banks, companies and consumers in the Netherlands. Notwithstanding the fact that payment traffic is the lifeblood of most companies, it is often taken for granted. If payment traffic or reconciliation were to cease for a few days, the majority of companies would experience serious problems. Since consumers are becoming increasingly critical and demand convenience, is it crucial to keep evolving with the latest trends.

We feature prominently with major banks, small banks, companies, clearing houses and payment and solution providers, and we have good relationships with colleague consultancies and interest groups. We are therefore able to deliver added value for our clients more efficiently.

The added value we offer is largely a result of in-depth knowledge of payment processes and (inter)national developments in the payments arena. This knowledge and experience makes us the ideal partner for management consultancy, migration projects, business analyses and policy development. As an independent consultancy, we guarantee independent advice.

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Interbank payment traffic >

The European playing field for interbank payment and settlement is changing. Target2, Target2Securities and TIPS are being consolidated in a new platform and messaging is switching from SWIFT MT to ISO20022.

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Payment Hub >

A lot of organisations have implemented a corporate payment hub for bank connectivity at the time SEPA was introduced in Europe (2012). Since then the technology has changed drastically and new solutions offer richer functionality at a far more efficient operating model via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

PSD2 scan >

Banks must comply with PSD2 guidelines. This means banks must make information available to clients and give third parties access to payment accounts.


Enigma Spotlight >

From various suppliers of core banking software, it is mapped out what these players offer and how they position themselves in the market.

Instant Payments scan >

Your clients expect instant processing of their payments when they purchase your products or services. What do Instant Payments mean for you and the service you offer your clients?

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Trends in the payments domain >

Six trends in payment traffic for a better business model. The right choices can produce benefits for you and your clients.


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