Blockchain technology is potentially one of the most groundbreaking innovations that circulates in today’s payment traffic domain.

To obtain a well-founded picture of blockchain technology, Enigma has been actively involved in the development of the principles on which blockchain is built, from the very beginning.
A blockchain is an electronic bookkeeping method in which the digital ledger lists all transactions that have ever been carried out. New transactions are collected in a so-called ‘block’ that is added to an existing chain of blocks, the blockchain, every so often (usually ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes). In this way the ledger becomes bigger and bigger. The blockchain is decentralized: every participant in the network has access to a copy of the entire ledger.
Blockchain technology is promising, but not a universal answer that offers a solution in all instances. Together with you, Enigma is happy to investigate to what extent blockchain technology can influence your sector and what blockchain can mean for your organization.

Erik van der Leer
Erik van der Leer

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