In the Enigma Consulting podcast we discuss various matters in the field of Payments, Digitisation, Risk & Compliance and Treasury (in Dutch).

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Podcast: Former trainee Ricardo Clarijs

In the third podcast of Enigma Consulting we speak with former trainee Ricardo Clarijs. Unlike the former trainees from the previous podcast, he has chosen a completely different career path. Be inspired by his story.

Podcast: Misunderstandings about traineeships

In this podcast we discuss common misunderstandings about traineeships with a number of Young Professionals from previous Enigma Consulting Traineeships.

Podcast: Customer onboarding at banks

In this podcast we talk about customer onboarding at financial institutions. We take a closer look at the findings from our previous studies and discuss the latest insights within the customer onboarding domain. And colleague Bas Kerpel joins us, he is working on the implementation of the customer onboarding process at a large financial institution.