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Enigma consulting, your partner in regulatory compliance

The financial services sector is always subject to regulatory change. It is often difficult for businesses to digest and absorb these regulations in a timely and efficient manner, to organise and execute checks and to manage the evolving landscape.
As a compliance consultancy, Enigma has assisted many companies with the bedding down of financial regulations in the organisation.
We assist organisations in the development of checks to comply with legal requirements and to be able to operate successfully within highly demanding regulatory regimes.
We do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. We take the time to understand your business, along with your needs and objectives to ensure we provide you with prudent, efficient and effective solutions for managing regulatory risks.
Our experienced team of consultants offers technical advice and guidance on a series of risk areas, including:

  • Licence applications
  • Wft compliance assistance
  • CDD & AML
  • Risk management
  • Operational auditing
  • Compliance support services

Our Risk & Compliance Services


Licence applications >

A complex process, but our experts understand DNB requirements. We take on this challenge together, our experts will handle your application quickly and efficiently.

icon cdd aml


To really understand your customer, transaction profiles and business rules are essential. Enigma has a unique approach to the implementation of customer and anti-money laundering processes.


Payments Risk >

The payment chain presents risks too. Enigma possesses a unique combination: knowledge of the payments chain and expertise in risk and compliance.

operationeel risico

Operational Risk>

Risk management is essential for every organisation. Together, we develop a suitable operational risk framework that meets defined needs.


Compliance >

Devise your compliance function effectively with Enigma’s assistance and rest assured that your compliance risks are being managed.


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Our Risk & Compliance Experts

Geert Blom

Senior Legal Adviseur
Jaap Jan de Jong

Executive Consultant
Lex van Beurden

Maarten van Denzen

Senior Legal Consultant
Peter Mulders

Senior Consultant
Roxane van der Laan

Executive Consultant
Thim Donkervoort

Legal Consultant
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