Pressure on compliance departments is increasing. This is a result not only of constantly changing legislation and regulations, recent negative events have also affected the reputation of financial institutions.

Acting with integrity has become an important spearhead, both within organisations and society. Effective compliance practice by internal supervisors is indispensable to your organisation.

Large-scale reform of financial legislation and regulations brings with it many challenges across all areas of the financial sector.

New legislation and regulations are introduced regularly and organisations must ensure effective compliance with increasingly varied and complex requirements.

One of the greatest challenges and opportunities for professionals in the sector is to manage all these regulatory changes effectively. Issues include, for example:

How do we manage adapting our business model, how can governance be improved and how can supervision be professionalised.

Our expertise

Enigma’s experienced advisors are actively involved with a wide range of market players. We offer compliance-related support on important projects and pragmatic solutions to complex regulatory challenges.

Enigma can assist you

Matters in which Enigma can assist you include:


  • Temporary deployment of a compliance officer: we can devise an annual compliance plan and elaborate on the underlying actions in consultation with you;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of existing compliance policies and procedures;
  • Identification of gaps between your situation and the statutory requirements;
  • Advice on the compliance function and, if applicable, assistance in fulfilling this role;
  • Implementation of specific reporting systems, process requirements and compliance programmes, including training.
Jaap Jan de Jong
Executive Consultant
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