Operational risks, large or small. It is an issue for every organisation. Operational risks have recently proven their relevance.

The focus on operational risk has increased, both from supervisory bodies as well as the business sector. The focus is not only on identifying operational risks, it is important to quantify these too. This makes operational risk management a challenge for many organisations.

Jaap Jan de Jong
Jaap Jan de Jong
Executive Consultant

3 important pillars in our methodology:

Monitoring programme

Every organisation is different, yet everyone wants the same: to be ‘in control’. Enigma can assist you with an independent, customised programme.

An independent monitoring programme

Independent, yet connected. This combination appears contradictory, but Enigma Consulting can support your organisation in designing a customised monitoring programme to which this notion is central.
In practice, we often see that risk managers act remotely. Periodically, risks are identified and comprehensive reports produced without any support from the business lines. Risk management thus loses its implicit function and periodic monitoring is regarded as a burden.

Customised programme

Enigma can break this cycle by developing a customised monitoring programme. Our consultants work on the shop floor, together with business lines on projects, on continual risk assessment and risk monitoring. All risks are collectively identified and managed in the Risk Self-Assessments, thanks to knowledge of business lines and substantive immersion in projects. This way, the relationship between risk management and the business lines is optimised and risk management becomes an integral part of your organisation.
The result of this approach is clear: fulfilling an independent risk management function whilst maintaining the relationship. Together, we ensure your organisation is always in control.

Risk self-assessments

Conscious consideration of operational risks is the most important step towards effective risk management.

Supervising and carrying out Risk Self-Assessments

Everyone is a Risk Manager, because operational risks exist in every organisation and all business lines. Whether it involves authorisation in backoffice systems or Know-Your-Customer policy, all these measures are taken to mitigate operational risks. We are busy mitigating operational risks subconsciously every day, but it will only benefit your organisation once this mindset is consciously and actively applied.


Awareness of operational risks by the business lines in your organisation is the first step towards effective risk management. By supervising and carrying out Risk Self-Assessments, Enigma’s consultants encourage business lines to actively retain control of operational risks.

Risk Self-Assessments

Risk Self-Assessments can be set up in different ways, with scope for linking these to specific business characteristics. Whether it concerns an assessment in the form of a workshop, a questionnaire, or a combination of these, the consultants at Enigma are ready to unburden you in respect of risk management. By making Risk Self-Assessments business-specific, we make operational risk management as effective and efficient as possible.

Reporting & dashboard

No more separate Excel sheets. With METIS, you always have full oversight of all operational, compliance and programme risks, anywhere, any time.

Case Studies

Enigma supports Rabobank

Rabobank officially acquired Friesland Bank on 2 April 2012 and this signalled the start of Rabobank’s intensive and extensive migration programme. Enigma took on the risk management function in this unique project. As part of this large-scale migration project, Enigma conceived a monitoring programme at programme level and actively implemented it over two years. Read more > (in Dutch)

PaySquare on Enigma

“If you want a quick step forward within the compliance environment, I suggest you hire Enigma.” Read more › (in Dutch)

Establishing Risk Management practices

Enigma delivered a significant contribution for a global financial service provider by setting up its Risk Management practices. Our expertise in Credit Risk and Credit Risk models enabled us to support our client by establishing IRBA approach parameters. We unburdened our client by taking on responsibility for the collection of all data to determine its capital reserves. This comprehensive project had global reach with divisions in Russia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Hungary, Argentina, Poland and South Korea.

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