Enigma Consulting is active in a wide range of sectors.

Our clients can be found, amongst others, in the banking sector, the insurance sector, energy & utilities, the trust sector, the charitable and the public sector. Experiences from one branch are used by our consultants in the next branch.

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Enigma Consulting has always been an important partner for banks – large and small. Thanks to our knowledge of the organisation, products and set-up, we can further assist banks in navigating the continuous change on the technological, legislative, customer needs, and fin-tech front.

goede doelen


Enigma Consulting is a partner of sector organisation Goede Doelen Nederland in the area of payments. Our consultants advise many charities on current topics. Thanks in part to our consultancy and implementation skills, charitable institutions are able to manage their funds as efficiently as possible.


Energy and utilities

This sector is typified by energy transition, falling profits and disrupters. Enigma Consulting assists organisations in the Energy and utilities sector with the efficient organisation of their payments infrastructure, increasing the self-sufficiency of customers, and the reduction of operational costs.

publieke sector

Public sector

Enigma Consulting supports the public sector in various areas of expertise at local, provincial and national level. Examples of how we support the public sector include resolving mobility issues, adapting development within the payment domain of national services, or conceiving eID solutions for operational management.



The insurance sector is experiencing unprecedented dynamics that demand a high degree of adaptability / change capacity. Enigma Consulting has a great deal of experience in supporting and resolving significant challenges in the insurance sector: focused on, amongst others, reduction of costs and improving solvency.


Trust sector

The Netherlands has a large trust sector. Stable economic conditions and a favourable taxation climate provide a fruitful environment for trusts. The sector is being closely monitored by the government and there is therefore increased focus on controlled and ethical operational management and the role of managers of trust offices. Risk management, compliance and audits must be set up correctly: Enigma Consulting is your partner in this.


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