One of the unique features of our service to corporates is that we have the most up to date information about the banking sector, regulations and the market, as well as various software suppliers. These connections enable us to serve corporates optimally in terms of their information needs during a bank switch.

The partnership between Enigma and Vallstein contributes to accurate provision of information. Vallstein’s Bank Relationship Management is unique to the market. Vallstein’s Walletsizing® offers tooling, databases and benchmarks. As it happens, this system maps the whole bank environment with cash management, financing and treasury products, amongst others.

Thanks to Walletsizing®, it is possible to:

  • Provide a corporate with an insight into the value of its banking wallet in order to strengthen its bargaining power with the bank(s).
  • Improve corporates’ bank strategy based on benchmark information and the various products offered by each bank.
  • Produce models and scenario analyses of the whole portfolio. This enables assessment of the effects of new regulations, Basel III amongst others, on banks’ pricing.
  • More appropriate tender processes. Only banks that meet the must-haves are invited. This ensures a better fit and a more efficient process.
Roderick Kroon
Roderick Kroon


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