Enigma Consulting consolidates its expertise in the field of treasury and payments and is therefore the ideal partner for any treasurer that wishes to automate and streamline its financial operational processes.

Our consultants advise the treasurer in terms of setting up cash management, risk management and process improvements. We also offer support in the optimisation of payment traffic including selecting and connecting to the banks.

Our Corporate Payments & Treasury Services

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Payment Hub >

Enigma Consulting is the knowledge party for the selection and implementation of a (corporate) payment hub. We understand the context in which a payment hub operates, know the solutions and suppliers.


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Enigma Consulting understands market expectations and opportunities thanks to its experience of both the commercial and banking side. Enigma has applied this knowledge to support various corporate clients successfully in the selection and implementation of new banking relationships.

Cash Management & Payment Services

Enigma has many years experience of organising payment traffic and cash management. We can assist you in preparing your business case, selecting appropriate payment products, and optimising your cash management processes.

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IBOR Phase Out >

Enigma offers a three-step approach to guide corporates throughout the IBOR transition.

treasury advisory

Treasury Scan & Advisory

We offer advice as to how to best organise the treasury business function , how to connect with banks and the operational platform (ie ERP), and optimise processes based on needs and any outcomes of the Treasury Scan.


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Our Treasury Experts

Daniël Pluta

Senior Consultant
Mike Adrichem

Senior Consultant
Pieter van Stempvoort

Senior Consultant
Robert Jan Wekking

Managing Partner

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