Enigma Consulting is the official partner of BELLIN in the Netherlands. BELLIN provides innovative and efficient solutions for treasury management for both multinational corporates and large and medium-sized enterprises.

Mike Adrichem
Mike Adrichem

We are pleased to have the support of a renowned specialist whose success is based on expert knowledge of payment processes and systems. This makes Enigma an ideal partner for the Netherlands, which we see as a key strategic market.

Martin Bellin, CEO BELLIN

Treasury Management System

tm5, a fully integrated, web-based and modularly structured Treasury Management System (TMS), is BELLIN’s flagship. tm5 encompasses cash management, liquidity management, payment traffic, planning and forecasting, in-house banking, netting and risk management. BELLIN tm5 can provide any company with the necessary treasury tools and information and does so in a transparent and user-friendly way. At present, over 400 companies with in excess of 15,000 users in 120 countries use tm5 for their day-to-day cash and treasury management operations.


BELLIN tm5 highlights

  • User-friendly
  • Multi-user, multi-entity (without additional costs!)
  • Modularly structured
  • Web-based
  • Quick to implement
Enigma and BELLIN

A certified sales and implementation partner of BELLIN, Enigma supports clients in the Netherlands in the successful implementation of BELLIN tm5. That way, Enigma and BELLIN meet the needs of companies to streamline, standardise and automate treasury processes and thus keep the focus on treasury activities that add value to the business

Case Studies

Schiphol Group

“BELLIN’s tm5 is a modern and easy to use TMS that captures our daily treasury processes, links to our core banks and ERP system and delivers the right input for treasury decision making.” Reade more

Darling Ingredients

“With help of Enigma Consulting, Darling Treasury found the right ingredients for an extremely successful and enjoyable implementation of BELLIN tm5!” Read more


“BELLIN takes us from A to B. With tm5 we are able to create significant efficiency gains in our daily Treasury operations.” Read more 

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Our Treasury Experts

Daniël Pluta

Senior Consultant
Mike Adrichem

Pieter van Stempvoort

Senior Consultant
Rink Slotema

Senior Consultant
Robert Jan Wekking

Managing Partner