Whether a company needs to fill a vacant treasury role with an interim Treasurer or Cash Specialist or if specific expertise is needed to address the Treasury aspects of a corporate project, Enigma Interim Treasury Services can provide a short to medium term solution.

We see many cases where a TMS is bound to bring relief to the workload of a treasury organization. The introduction of the TMS brings an additional burden to the treasury group which is often a reason to postpone the implementation despite the benefits it will bring. In these cases Enigma Interim Treasury Services is a great solution. Our interim consultants bring a load of experience and can start adding value from day 1. You and your team will have the time to prepare the TMS implementation process.

Robert Jan Wekking
Robert Jan Wekking
Managing Partner

It happens that one of the members of the treasury team is on leave for shorter or longer time. Instead of an additional burden on the rest of the team or hiring a new person with all the additional obligations and cost you can hire an Interim consultant of Enigma to bridge a time period in which you can decide on the next steps or wait till your team member returns.

In the case that you are in need of temporary extra capacity because of a M&A activity, temporary staff can be required. In this situation a seasoned treasury consultant can add value as interimmer. He can advise you and help you out in the operational work at the same time. When the project is finished you can scale back to your core team.

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A typical interim assignment would involve taking a hands-on interim a client’s treasury organization to cover for periods with gaps in key resources. Activities include:

  • Interim treasurer or cash specialist to cover for job moves, long-term sickness or maternity
  • Interim manager for multi-disciplinary teams pending permanent appointment
  • Establishing a new corporate finance or treasury department including the regulatory, operational, systems, reporting and personnel requirements
  • Interim treasury resources to bridge the period of increased workload on the treasury department during a M&A process.

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