• Do you wish to develop or professionalise your Treasury function further?

  • Are you experiencing a temporary shortage of capacity in your Treasury department?

  • Is your organisation growing internationally and would you like to know how best to protect yourself against financial risks?

Treasury as a Service
Mike Adrichem
Mike Adrichem
Senior Consultant

The need for a treasurer to:

  • Improve and streamline treasury processes
  • Provide temporary additional resourcing for treasury activities
  • Bring in know-how and take the quality of your treasury function to the next level

With the objective of:

  • resolving staff shortages
  • minimising financial and operational risks
  • saving on costs
  • increasing the treasury’s added value to the business
  • carrying out treasury projects
  • establishing or improving financial processes


  • Our interim treasurers possess considerable experience with different organisations, up-to-date professional expertise, qualifications and skills, and form part of a network of treasurers, cash managers and treasury controllers.
  • Support in respect of design issues and implementation projects.
  • (Temporary) responsibility for day-to-day operational tasks.
  • (Temporary) support for various roles, from cash manager to group treasurer.
Treasury on board

In addition to the abovementioned interim treasury services, Enigma also provides this service to companies that do not have their own Treasury department, but which need to fulfil a Treasury function occasionally. The Interim Treasury Manager then takes on the role of Treasurer for several companies. The Interim Treasury Manager carries out cash management and/or Treasury management tasks on agreed days of the week. Costs are therefore kept to a minimum. These tasks can be carried out onsite at your company, or at our organisation, where our treasury desk supports companies in all treasury-related matters.

Case Studies


We supported the Treasurer for a market leader in microtechnology and camera systems. There was an urgent need for an interim Cash and Currency Manager due to reorganisation, which coincided with a refinancing project. For 6 months, the Interim Treasury Manager carried out day-to-day tasks and implemented improvements in a number of areas, including setting up the chosen Treasury Management System.


A large travel agency had a need for a Treasury function. The Interim Treasury Manager established the Treasury function over the course of a few months. Amongst others, the Treasury Front office and Backoffice were established, including all relevant processes and controls. The project was then completed with the organisation and roll out of the chosen Treasury Management System.


A multinational in the Food sector was seeking a Treasury Management System. Prior to the selection process, the Interim Treasury Manager optimised a number of Treasury processes. The chosen Treasury Management System was implemented based on these new processes.

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