Enigma is more than just a business. We have tried to summarise our core values in our mission statement; ‘your ambition, realized togetherAchieving your ambitions together’. We are a social, engaged company and we value ambition, honesty, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Open and honest together

Enigma invests a great deal of energy in recruiting consultants who are a perfect fit with our culture and vision. Our corporate culture is open, honest and informal, with plenty of scope for creativity and initiative. These core values are visible internally, but more importantly, they are also visible externally to clients. We can only achieve shared objectives by providing our clients with open and honest input. Better ideas are more important than historical agreements, which allows scope for improvement.

Ambitious together

You cannot grow alone, but it is naturally also up to you. Whether it concerns our clients or our consultants, everyone wants to develop in order to achieve defined goals. Entrepreneurship is one of the most important drivers for this, because talent alone is not enough. Entrepreneurship comes in many forms, so find your own unique brand. Convert your talents into specific actions and do not shy away from asking for support.

We facilitate your ambitions through cooperation. Together, we define your objectives and how you will achieve them in a client-oriented way. We offer encouragement, or highlight a different perspective. Enigma supports your development with active coaching, training programmes, or simply by acting as a sparring partner. You cannot grow alone, achieve your (professional) ambitions with Enigma.

Respectful and sustainable together

We understand that an enjoyable work environment goes hand in hand with a respectful attitude towards our colleagues and our clients. We demonstrate this to the outside world too. Enigma upholds the following principle: be sincere and honest towards employees, clients, competitors and society in general.

We put these lofty ideals into practice by supporting charitable causes such as the World Food Program, an orphanage in Borneo, and organisations that contribute to nature preservation. In addition, we work on a care farm every year and organise sports events to raise funds for the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital (WKZ) and child refugees in the Netherlands via our own ZEPA Challenge.

We are a partner of sector organisation Goede Doelen Nederland in respect of payment traffic. Our consultants give guest lectures at primary schools during national “Money Week”. These lessons teach children how to manage money.

In short, respect and sustainable business are of paramount importance to us.


Paul Jans
Paul Jans
Managing Director
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