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TMS implementation and optimisation with Darling Ingredients Inc.

Darling Ingredients Inc is a global leader in converting edible and inedible bio-nutrient streams into a wide range of ingredients and specialty products for customers in the pharmaceutical, food, pet food, feed, technical, fuel, bioenergy and fertilizer industries. Present on 5 continents, over 200 locations and approximately 10,000 employees with a Treasury function in USA and the Netherlands.

Case 2014 – TMS implementation

VION Food Group, an international Food company announced in October 2013 the sale of VION Ingredients to Darling Ingredients Inc. (formerly known as Darling International Inc).

Because of this divestment the treasury team split in two and given the global presence and foreign currency cash flows a treasury and TMS were favoured. Darling Ingredients Inc. choose BELLIN tm5 to become their new TMS.  In two months’ time we implemented BELLIN tm5 so that central Treasury of Darling Ingredients Inc. was operational on “Day One” beginning of January 2014.

With help of Enigma Consulting, Darling Treasury found the right ingredients for an extremely successful and enjoyable implementation of BELLIN tm5!


During 2014 we guided Darling Ingredients Inc. in their way to Treasury optimisation with:

  • Rollout tm5 to their subsidiaries
  • Design risk management, liquidity planning, hedge accounting in tm5
  • Questionnaire international cash management
  • Analysis and advise of bank connectivity strategy
  • Implementation and training of EBICS payment connection

Case 2015 – Payment Optimisation

In 2015 Darling Ingredients Treasury and Enigma defined the operating model and business case for bank optimisation and connectivity. The Payment Gateway of BELLIN was selected. Download the PDF below to find out how Darling Ingredients selected and implemented their payment solution.

Robert Jan Wekking
Robert Jan Wekking
Managing Partner